Lewes Public Library RFP for Construction Management

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Request for Proposal for Preconstruction/Construction Management Services for A NEW LEWES PUBLIC LIBRARY

Monroe Avenue and Freeman Highway

Lewes, Delaware

Lewes Public Library Board of Commissioners

September 19, 2013


Preliminary Drawings dated 9.16.2013



Sealed Proposals will be received by Edward Goyda, Director, located at 111 Adams Ave., Lewes, DE 19958, until 3:00 PM local time on October 11, 2013.

The RFP documents, including all addenda, are available on or after September 19, 2013 at http://www.leweslibrary.org/cmrfp.

Lewes Public Library Board reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and/or waive any informality or irregularities as it may deem best for its interest.

By order of Lewes Public Library Board of Commissioners.



Lewes Public Library Board of Commissioners is building a new, approximately 28,500 square foot Library to replace the current 14,000 square foot facility on the Thompson property site, adjacent to the existing library. The project also includes associated site work, potential geothermal well field, stormwater management, utilities and other related work.

The project will be completed in one phase.




Lewes Public Library Board of Commissioners, located at 111 Adams Ave., Lewes, DE 19958, is requesting preconstruction and comprehensive construction management services as the procurement method for the building of the new Lewes Public Library. Preconstruction services shall include; design document review, cost estimating services in order to meet the project budget, a project schedule and construction site plan. The CM shall work with the Owner / Architect to make revisions to the project as necessary, to ensure the project is within budget. The CM will be required to establish a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for the project at 100% Construction Documents. Upon Owner approval of the final construction documents, GMP, schedule and construction site plan, the CM shall provide scoping of the work, bid advertisement, solicit bidders, hold a pre-bid meeting, conduct bid opening, scope review and bid award. Upon award, the CM shall perform the work. The CM shall manage project closeout.

Schedule Development

The CM shall develop the project construction schedule. The CM shall provide a construction site plan showing staging, site access, delivery locations, construction parking, etc. The construction site plan and project schedule shall be coordinated and approved by the Owner / Architect, as well as, the local municipalities.

Construction Staging and Site Management Planning

The CM shall prepare a construction staging and site management plan including information regarding: site access roads, construction parking, delivery entrances, activity staging, temporary facilities, fencing / protection, stormwater management, etc. This plan shall be reviewed and approved by the Owner / Architect and the local municipalities.

Design Budget/Estimates, Pre-Construction Management Services
  1. Construction Cost Estimate: The CM shall provide a construction cost estimate based upon Design Development documents, and then upon 95% Construction Documents. The cost estimate shall be submitted with a comprehensive breakdown by Master Format Division or Uniformat systems/assemblies.
  2. Constructability Review: The CM shall provide a written constructability review of the 75% construction documents, with recommendations for alternative detailing, materials, etc. The Owner and Architect will evaluate the report and work with the CM to incorporate changes into the construction documents.
  3. Value Engineering: Upon review of the 95% construction documents and the completion of the Construction Cost Estimate, the CM shall provide a list of value engineering options and the associated costs. If the original cost estimate is within the project budget, these VE options may or may not be accepted. If the original cost estimate is higher than the project budget, the CM shall work with the Owner and Architect to evaluate the most viable VE options to bring the project within budget. If VE is required to bring the project within budget, then the CM shall provide a new construction cost estimate based upon the VE revisions. This process will continue until the project is within budget.
  4. The CM shall define and prepare Scopes of the Work, as required, to ensure that project schedule is maintained and that all work required is included.
  5. Design Review Submissions: The CM shall prepare documents required for State Reviews. These documents shall include the construction cost estimate, Division 0 (Master Format) specifications which include all applicable bidding sections and scopes of work, and other required documentation.
  6. Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) Estimate: The CM shall provide a GMP estimate based upon the 100% construction documents. This estimate shall consist of a complete construction cost breakdown in either of the formats listed above and shall include all costs for the project. If Owner accepts estimate based off of 95% construction documents, same may be used for GMP. Concurrent with submission of the GMP; the CM shall provide a cash flow analysis for the duration of construction project. This analysis should include anticipated monthly application for payment amounts, based on the construction schedule and expected percentage of completion.

Subcontractor/Vendor Solicitation and Prequalification

The CM shall prepare the bid advertisement for the project, which will be required to be publicly advertised in the local papers, and other applicable Delaware state wide listings. The CM shall also actively contact potential regional and local contractors in order to assure a competitive and equal bidding environment.

Subcontract Award/Open Book Policy

All pricing and cost information included for the subcontractor pricing shall be made available and open to review by the Owner and the Owner’s Representatives at all times. The Owner reserves the right to review all of the bids received and make decisions regarding the acceptance of the bids, as long as the total bid tabulation does not exceed the GMP.



Proposal Format

Submit proposals in the format below. The Owner will review each proposal based upon the criteria listed below and create a list of firms to be invited to a subsequent interview.

Section I – Corporate Information (Limit: 5 pages)
  1. Firm History
  2. Location of offices, specifying which office(s) will be involved in this project.
  3. Organizational chart to include information on the key personnel to be assigned to this project and their responsibilities.
Section II – Experience (Limit: 6 pages)
  1. Provide information for no more than 2 current or recently completed projects similar to the proposed project.
  2. Provide information for no more than 2 current or recently completed projects that have been performed as Construction Management.
  3. Provide information for no more than 2 current or recently completed projects that have been performed in the state of Delaware, or Maryland, if none in Delaware.

The following information is requested on each completed projects for 1 -3 above:

  • Project name and owner
  • Year completed
  • Type of project (new, renovation, addition, replacement)
  • Construction cost
  • Architect's name

Section III – Proposed Construction Management Services Team (Limit: 10 pages)

Identify your company's proposed management staff for the project. Provide an Organizational Chart identifying all of your key staff members and showing how each interacts with the other staff members assigned to this project.

  1. Submit resumes for all key team members.
  2. Submit team’s prior experience working together.
  3. Identify team’s current work load and time commitments in addition to this project.

Section IV – Proposed Pre-Construction Management Services Fees (Limit: 3 pages)
  1. Pre-construction services consist of the following: Schedule Development, Construction Staging and Site Management Plan and Design Budget/Estimate, Pre-Construction Management Services. Services rendered after the acceptance of the GMP shall be included as part of the GMP. Describe how these services are to be provided.
  2. Submit lump sum fee for pre-construction services with an itemized breakdown for each category.
    1. Describe in detail the basis of your construction management fee including a listing of sample general conditions, and reimbursable expenses. List all project management personnel that will be required to complete the CM Services. Monetary amounts are not required.
    2. In addition, list overhead and profit percentages that will be used for change orders, general condition items and other reimbursable expenses.
  3. Include Pre-construction services fee as line item in GMP.
  4. Pre-construction services shall be billed following acceptance of the bids on the initial application for payment, or for services upon termination of contract.

Section V – Owner-Construction Management Services as Contractor Agreement

Contract form is A133-2009: Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Construction Manager as Constructor where the basis of payment is the Cost of the Work Plus a Fee with a Guaranteed Maximum Price with associated Guaranteed Maximum Price Amendment.

List and explain any requested alterations, exceptions or additions your firm proposes to the contract language of this form. All proposed modifications must be submitted as part of the proposal to be considered by the Owner. Owner reserves right to reject any modifications.

Section VII – Financial Status (Limit: 3 pages)

Submit verification of the firm’s current bonding capacity from the firm’s bonding agency. Verification must be dated on or after August 1, 2013.

Section VIII– References (Limit: 3 pages)

The Lewes Public Library may wish to contact any current references listed in the experience section of the proposal.

Section IX– Appendix

Any supplemental information may be submitted as an appendix.

Receipt of Proposals

Submit five (5) original copies of the RFP to:
Mr. Edward Goyda, Director
Lewes Public Library
111 Adams Ave.
Lewes, DE 19958

In addition, please submit one (1) PDF version of your proposal, via e-mail to ed.goyda@lib.de.us.

All proposals shall be received no later than 3:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, October 11, 2013.

Access to Facilities & Questions/Requests for Information

All questions should be submitted in writing to Becker Morgan Group, Inc., 312 West Main Street, Suite 300, Salisbury, Maryland 21801, Attn: Brad A. Hastings, AIA, LEED AP, email bhastings@beckermorgan.com, or fax to: 410.546.5824.


The information contained within the RFP shall be considered confidential by all those receiving or responding to this RFP.



General Information

The evaluation process will be as follows:

  1. The received proposals will be reviewed and evaluated based upon the criteria listed below.
  2. The Owner will then create a short list of responsive bidders to be interviewed by the selection committee.
  3. The focus of the interview will be to answer questions regarding the RFP, introduce proposed team members, as well as, discussing the benefits the CM brings to the project.
  4. Those firms not selected for the interview process will be notified in writing. Interviews are tentatively scheduled for the week of October 21, and will be conducted at The Lewes Public Library.
  5. The Owner will make a final selection and reserves the right to accept/reject any of proposals if it is in their best interest.
  6. The Lewes Public Library will negotiate with the firm selected for professional services at compensation levels determined to be fair and reasonable. If negotiations with the selected firm cannot be consummated to the satisfaction of The Lewes Public Library, then the firm will be notified in writing, and negotiations may be initiated with other firms recommended by the committee.
  7. All proposals received become the property of the Owner, and the Owner assumes no liability for the disclosure of any information contained within the proposals. The Owner also assumes no liability for compensation in any form regarding a firm’s submittal. Response to this is RFP is considered voluntary and the Owner is under no financial obligation to any firm for the contents of their proposal.

Selection Criteria

The evaluation of proposals is based upon the criteria listed below:

  1. Current and past experience on similar projects including, but not limited to; building type, building size, materials used and construction cost.
  2. Current and past experience on projects using the CM.
  3. Response of references on current and past experience on similar projects.
  4. Evaluation of key personnel, including time commitment to project, previous experience in criteria noted above and prior experience as a team.
  5. Cost for pre-construction services.

RFP Schedule
  • RFP Released September 19, 2013
  • Deadline for Submission of Proposal October 11, 2013
  • Notification of Short List Firms October 18, 2013
  • Interviews October 21 - 25, 2013
  • Final Selection November 12, 2013


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