A Gift That Lasts Forever

A gift to the library may be in cash, appreciated assets, or deferred as a bequest in a will. Donations of any size are welcome. Contributions to the fund will be invested to earn income each year; as the principal grows, so will the income to the Lewes Public Library. Therefore, each gift lasts forever since the principal continues to grow. For further information, please contact Ed Goyda, the Library Director.

A permanent endowment for the library has been established by the Trustees for the purpose of supplementing normal operating funds to help cover ongoing costs of materials, programs and staff. Support for this Endowment fund can come directly to the library with a specified donation to the Endowment fund. Those donors to the library's Annual Appeal may specify that their donation is to placed in the Endowment fund.

The Endowment Funds are placed in managed investment funds and in the Delaware Community Foundation as well as a Lewes Library Trust with the Greater Lewes Foundation.

Questions about the Endowment funds, may be directed to any of the members of the Board of Trustees or the Library Director at 302-645-2733.
See information about the Library's Legacy Fund.

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